What we do

As a vital hub in the heart of Johannesburg, we focus on providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the business knowledge, skills, opportunities and inspiration they need to succeed. Our programmes are designed to help businesses develop and grow – and, in turn, create jobs and stimulate the economy.

Your time is important to us. That’s why we designed our practical training sessions to add value to you and your business from day 1. Below is an outline of our course offerings:

Foundation Course (1 day per week for six weeks)

  • We’re in this together (teambuilding)
  • What are you selling? Where is the market? Who is your customer?
  • Strategise it. Plan it. Then just do it!
  • Communicate with your customer
  • It’s all about the money
  • Doing the right thing


If you have taken the 1st steps and started a business and believe our training can assist you, please apply online now: APPLY.

Once you have completed the Foundation Course and submitted a few documents to us, you could be invited to attend our Advanced Course.


Advanced Course (1.5 days per week for six weeks)

Creating Value

  • Strategy – building a viable business model
  • Innovation
  • Finance


Communicating Value

  • Marketing / Social Media
  • Sales and customer relations
  • Communication


Delivering Value

  • Operations and logistics
  • Human resources
  • Governance and ethics


Realising your own values as an entrepreneur

  • Leadership
  • Habits of successful entrepreneurs



Upon completion of the Advanced Course, we match our entrepreneurs with a mentor to continue their journey of business learning and development for an additional 6 months.

We are always on the lookout for qualified mentors who are wanting to not only give back, but also journey with us in assisting the next batch of entrepreneurs. For more information, please drop us a mail: info@bransoncentre.org.