New adventures often have many questions. Below are a few of our most asked and answered:

For applicants:

Q: How do I apply?

A: We have a simple online application form. Click here and we will open the Application page for you.


Q: What are the criteria? It’s all about the…?

A: Character and Values! (hope you didn’t say money)

It isn’t all about the qualifications you have or amount of money you want to make! You’ll clearly display the spirit of an entrepreneur – that unique viewpoint and perspective that goes beyond making money. You aren’t afraid of taking risks, you know the value of a strong business sense and you can pitch your business brilliantly! You link Commercial to Cause!
Finally, you look for solutions, not problems. An idea is great but you have to have taken those most important steps and started your own business. You should also be ethically and socially minded about how you operate your business, and the impact you can make in your community and the environment. Tell us your story! and get us excited about it!


Q: The Branson Centre itself is located in Gauteng. Does that mean that it is only open to entrepreneurs who live in and around Johannesburg?

A:  If you reside outside of Johannesburg and are able to cover your own travel and accommodation expenses during the duration of the Programs, then you can certainly apply. The reason for this is that our training is In-Centre and held at our Business Hub in Braamfontein, we have entrepreneurs from other Provinces that have made the decision to come through to Johannesburg to attend the Program. The majority of our entrepreneurs are from Gauteng.

The Branson Centre is taking steps to expand to the major Provinces. Stay tuned … and if you want to receive updates, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our Social Media pages.


Q: What are the important dates and deadlines that I need to be aware of?

A: Our courses run throughout the year with the Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP) and the Business Bootcamp. Workshops and Events are generally a day or half a day long. It is important to note that once you have applied and successful to attend our Programs or Events/ Workshops, you are required to attend or else you could be removed from the program or future events.


Q: How many positions do you expect to fill per application cycle?

A: We usually invite 25 entrepreneurs to attend the initial Entrepreneur Development Program. Entrepreneurs who have completed the initial Program can later apply to join our Circle of Excellence and attend other Programs. Our Business Bootcamp will host up to 20 Entrepreneurs and our Entrepreneur Business Program up to 15.


Q: How long does it take to complete the applications?

A: The online application shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete. It must be completed in one go as there is no start/stop option. Therefore, it is important that you set aside some dedicated time and ensure you have a strong Internet connection so that you do not lose what you have started! Also, you will need your business and Social Media information to hand as we will be asking you some basic company information.


Q: What happens after I apply?

A: There are two stages. Stage 1 – After reviewing all the online applications, we will contact the shortlisted candidates to set up a interview at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship offices in Braamfontein. Stage 2 – We want to know more about you and your business so the interviews will help us identify the entrepreneurs that have what it takes. Minimum entrance criteria does apply:

New Applicants:

  • your business has been in operation for minimum 12 months
  • you have a minimum turnover of R250K per annum

At the interview:

  • Face to face interview at the Centre in Johannesburg
  • Presentation of your Business – Value Proposition
  • 3 Months bank statements to be provided prior to interview

Q: When should I expect to know the outcome of my application?

A: All applications are assessed on a regular basis and interviews are conducted throughout the year. Notifications will be  sent to the e-mail address that you provide in your application within 7 business days or as advised at the time of the interview.


Q: How much does it cost to participate in the programme?

A: The Branson Centre currently does not charge for any of our training offered. There will be no cost to you to participate in the practical training programme, but successful applicants will be expected to cover all personal costs in attending training and other activities, including but not limited to, transportation and/or accommodation if required.

We are to launch our very exciting Entrepreneurial Circle soon which enables entrepreneurs that have gone through our Entrepreneur Development Program to become a member of the Circle of Excellence at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship. Watch our Social Media platforms for the launch.

Q: How much time will I be expected to spend at the Branson Centre?

A: 2 or 3 Days (from 8am to 5pm) for the Entrepreneur Development Program. Once you have completed the Program, you will be invited to join as a member in the Circle of Excellence. The levels of membership within the Circles are tiered from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. More information about the Circle of Excellence will follow soon.
Programs become more intense over the various levels to suit your business needs.


Got what it takes?
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For Donors:

Q: Are you registered? If so, where and how?

A: The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship is a project of Virgin Unite Africa NPC, registration number 2008/016312/08. Virgin Unite Africa NPC is a registered public benefit organisation, reference number 930031409. Virgin Unite Africa NPC is a certified Category A Enterprise Development Organisation.


Q:What types of donations are accepted?

A: All types of donations are welcome, whether in cash, kind or time. Please contact us at info@bransoncentre.org or click here to DONATE.


Q: Who do I contact if I’m interested in hosting a fundraiser for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – South Africa or donating proceeds from a fundraiser previously held?

A: This sounds great! Please contact us at info@bransoncentre.org.


For Mentors:

Q: How can I volunteer my services as an experienced entrepreneur?

A: We would love to hear from you. We already work with over 200 entrepreneurs who provide invaluable support to the Centre, so you are in good company. Email us at info@bransoncentre.org and let us know how you’d like to help!


Q: How can I volunteer pro bono hours where my professional expertise can assist an entrepreneur in taking their business to the next level?

A: If you are a legal, accounting or marketing professional who is willing to donate a certain amount of pro bono hours, please email us at info@bransoncentre.org.

For Volunteers:

Q: I am not an entrepreneur, but I would still love to volunteer my time or resources in any way I can to this initiative. May I still get involved?

A: Yes! Volunteers are not restricted based on their achievements in entrepreneurial activities and there are a variety of ways in which you can lend a helping hand. Please contact us at info@bransoncentre.org with a brief description of how you would like to give your time.