About Us

The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa was founded by Richard Branson in 2010 and is an initiative of Virgin Unite, the Entrepreneur non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group and the Branson Family.

The Branson Centre focuses on providing aspiring entrepreneurs who have started a business with the skills, support, opportunities and inspiration they need to take their business to the next level.

Our programs are designed to help businesses develop and grow and, in turn, stimulate the economy. Our programs and initiatives are designed to provide:

  • Access To Knowledge
    A Vital Hub For Entrepreneurs To Access Training, Mentorship and Coaching
  • Access To Networks
    A channel to access local and international business communities, peer and industry networks, and the economic cluster of governments
  • Access To Markets
    A platform to showcase entrepreneurs both locally and internationally, and to access procurement opportunities
  • Access To Resources
    Skills for entrepreneurs to be investor and funder ready


The Branson Centre is funded in part by Virgin Unite with the balance being sourced through investments from corporates and global business leaders.

Business as a Force for good
We believe business is more than making money and can significantly contribute to social good and ss Richard says: “Do Good, have fun and the money will come.”

Entrepreneurs are making a difference to not only to their immediate families and communities, but as the business leaders and employers of the future, they also contribute significantly to economic growth in South Africa.

The South African economy is dependent on entrepreneurial activity for creating future economic growth and jobs, but the economic contribution to South Africa’s entrepreneurial sector is below the developing country norm. I believe that increasing entrepreneurship in this country is the golden highway to economic democracy.
Sir Richard Branson


About Virgin Unite
Virgin Unite is the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group. We unite people and entrepreneurial ideas to reinvent how we live and work in the world to help make people’s lives better. Our aim is to do our bit to revolutionize the way businesses, government and the social sector work together – driving business as a force for good. We also incubate new, independent approaches to leadership including the Elders, the Carbon War Room, and the Branson Centres of Entrepreneurship.

Virgin Unite’s overheads are covered by Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin Group, meaning that 100% of donations received go direct to the frontline where they are needed most.

If you want to make a difference, visit them at: Virgin Unite

Virgin Unite is a UK Registered Charity Number 297540