Vuyiswa Motlabane

Vuyi Bridal Shoes

Vuyiswa Mothlabane-8Vuyiswa Mothlabane is the founder of Vuyi Bridal Shoes, her newest company which she launched in November 2014. She provides brides with leather bridal shoes that can be worn over and over again instead of the traditional satin bridal shoes of the past.

Vuyi’s love for bridal wear started when she worked for a media house that had a bridal magazine. She started her own online shop called Prelove Bridal that was designed to provide affordable bridal wear, where brides were able to resell their dresses.

Try as she might, her store in Rivonia Village was closed. “One of the most hurtful feelings is packing your shop fittings into a storeroom and seeing your dream vanish in front of your eyes,” says Vuyi.

Many would have seen the shop closure as a failure but Vuyi decided that the timing was not right for the shop. Her desire to be an entrepreneur did not die; it just grew stronger, even though she had lost everything, including her house.

Because of her desire to continue being an entrepreneur, Vuyi attended the Branson Centre, where the courses not only inform entrepreneurs on how to run a business but also shows practical ways to do business.

“The Branson Centre was a place where I found hope and inspiration, not only from the lectures but also from other entrepreneurs who have the same drive. Having a home to go to when you are at your lowest has been one of the best gifts that the Branson Centre has given me,” says Vuyi.

It was at the Branson Centre that Vuyi met Sam Lin from Samstar Shoes. “Like anything in life, when two great minds meet, something good is always born,” says Vuyi.

Vuyi spoke to Sam about launching her own line of Bridal shoes, because she passionately dislikes satin shoes. The shoes had to be comfortable and stylish enough for a bride to wear on the most special day of her life.

Sam and Vuyi came up with a range of designer shoes that are leather so that the bride can wear the shoes even after her wedding. “This way the bride is able to take at least one of her memories from her wedding day into her daily life after the wedding,” says Vuyi.

Vuyi has been interviewed on ANNTV, Kaya FM and the Sowetan wrote a piece about the brand this year. Current stockists for Vuyi Bridal shoes are GF Bridal in Fourways and Confetti Bridal Boutique. “The brand is getting a great response from the market,” says Vuyi.Vuyiswa Mothlabane-8