Nici Boswell

Off The Wall PowerBall

“Start with what you enjoy, what inspires you and what you understand better than most.”


That’s the advice from Nici Boswell, founder of Off the Wall PowerBall, a well-established and popular sporting facility specializing in five-a-side football games.

Nici’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1995. Growing up, Nici excelled in hockey and swimming. With the support of her parents, who were both accomplished athletes, she opened her first swim school and within two years she had young swimmers achieving top results at the junior nationals swimming competitions. During this time, Nici was also approached by various schools in the area to assist with hockey coaching in the winter months. “Although my business was doing well, I considered what I was doing more as a hobby than a career” comments Nici. “One day I was approached by Health & Racquet Club (now Virgin Active) to be the Operations Manager at one of their clubs. As the Operations Manager, I learned about facilities management, managing staff, sales and budgeting.”

Even with this exciting opportunity in the corporate world, it only further spurred Nici to turn her hobby into a career and in 2007 she launched Off The Wall PowerBall.

“It’s more than just football, it’s about bringing the community together” says Nici. As part of their community activities, Off the Wall PowerBall have launched ‘Little Kickers’ which is aimed at young, aspiring football stars as well as ‘Brazilian School Soccer” to bring out the international skills in the players.

But the entrepreneurship journey has not been easy. Nici says “As an entrepreneur you should never stop learning and never take your business for granted.” Another key piece of advice is to listen more and talk less. “Live by your morals and values and continuously show integrity in everything” advises Nici.

As part of their expansion plans, Off the Wall PowerBall is launching ‘Bumper Ball Soccer’ within the next few months and is planning a multi-purpose sports facility that will accommodate additional sports such as hockey, netball and volleyball. They also plan on building a climbing wall for the more adventurous and a sports pub and family restaurant.

Having completed the Advanced Course at the Branson Centre, Nici says one of her most important lessons learnt is to always go back to basics. “Once you have the basics down, it serves as a foundation to expand your business”. Mentorship is another great value-add received from the Branson Centre. As Nici says: “I have had the privilege of working with some really great individuals and I have learnt so much from them!”

Upon reflection, Nici comments to aspiring and current entreprneurs: “ Enjoy what you do and do what you love. It will show in you and your business!”