Michael Baretta

[dot]Good marketing and PR

Bridging the gap between the greater good and the bottom line

One day while jogging around Zoo Lake and avoiding all the litter cluttered around the beautiful grounds, Michael Baretta of [dot]GOOD Sponsorship and Marketing decided to do something to educate South Africans about litter.

Michael conceptualised and completed the “CAN DO! Trekking for Trash” campaign in 2013 – a 3 500km, seven month expedition on foot along South Africa’s coastline that created awareness of the country’s litter problem. With his partner ,Camilla Howard, they managed to collect seven tonnes of litter and generated just under R18 million worth of PR for the cause and their sponsors.

Michael had worked for some of South Africa’s leading marketing, media and PR companies before embarking on the “CAN DO! Trekking for Trash” campaign and says the long days of walking and time to reflect triggered the desire to take his skills in marketing and communication and to put them to good use.

When he returned, Michael opened his business, [dot]GOOD Sponsorship and Marketing. “Just doing things well simply isn’t enough anymore. To stand out, you have to do things right too. We believe socially conscious marketing leads to better communication, better relationships, better business, and ultimately, a better world.

Our vision is to change the business landscape by creating a community of social change organisations that do good while doing well.

Michael joined the Branson Centre after advice given to him by his accountant. The Branson Centre helped Michael build his self-confidence, gave him inspiration, taught him how to better manage rejection and to see opportunity in everything. “I have also gained from networking with other entrepreneurs and have managed to find both clients and suppliers amongst my peers” says Michael.

[dot]GOOD Sponsorship and Marketing is a social business based on the principal of doing good while doing well. They employ a large number of young people for their activations and provide them with regular sales and communication training.

One of their most recent activations was for the Pavillion Mall in Westville, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Fourteen new tenants bought into the concept of an ‘Exchange Room’ whereby people could bring out-of-fashion clothes to pop-up stalls and would receive mystery discount vouchers at the participating stores. The old clothes will be showcased in Durban’s biggest street store that will be created on the beachfront. Underprivileged people will be given a shopping bag and 15 minutes to stroll through the stores and choose clothes that they want instead of having to wear whatever is handed to them.

Over the last 20 months dot]GOOD Sponsorship and Marketing have collected and donated tens of thousands of items of school stationery, school uniforms, sports equipment and toys to underprivileged communities; distributed thousands of solar powered lights to households with no electricity; promoted and sold thousands of sustainable products and educated disadvantaged communities on a number of topics relating to health and wellness.

“We are passionate about marketing that places equal emphasis on social change and the importance of community and environment as they do on generating a healthy return on investment. While profits are a business’ lifeblood, we believe a greater purpose gives it soul. And being part of that process makes us proud”, says Michael.