Marina le Roux


Marina le Roux-2Marina le Roux, an entrepreneur at the Branson Centre, has come full circle with her life and in opening MobiGym is helping others to do the same. After a fairly normal childhood, Marina Le Roux’s life crumbled around her when her brother died in a car accident, her father died four years later and her mother a mere two years after that!

Coupled with a diabetic diagnoses and a serious case of depression Marina could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. One day while working at her IT job, a colleague told Marina that she looked terrible, and invited her to join him at the gym at lunch times.

The gym became her second home and once the weight started falling off she started eating more healthily and felt less depressed. “Before I knew it I started competing in bodybuilding competitions in the Bikini Division.” says Marina.

A major spin-off from the lifestyle changes was that she no longer needed her medication and her diabetes is now a thing of the past. “I came to the realization that I wanted to share my experiences and help other people to become fit and healthy.” says Marina. She became a certified personal trainer and took a leap of faith in 2012 and started MobiGym.

MobiGym provides personal fitness training to individuals in the comfort of their home. No equipment is needed. The trainers do body and lifestyle assessments to determine the clients’ health and fitness goals and build custom programmes for each client.

They also have a private training studio in Centurion where they provide one-on-one personal training as well as group training services. The groups are kept small with a maximum of 8 people to ensure that personal attention is still provided to each client.

“Seeing our MobiGym clients succeed and reach their goals inspires me the most. Helping people transform not only their bodies but their lives is priceless,” says Marina. One of Marina’s clients went from doing three ladies push-ups to doing 30 men’s push-ups in three months.

Since joining the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, MobiGym has honed into its target market and has grown their team to nine trainers in Gauteng and one in Cape Town. “My network has grown exponentially. I’ve also learned so much about myself and improving my business. I’ve put better financial management in place and am strategizing with the MobiGym personal trainers to build our brand and grow our networks,” says Marina.

Marina wants to expand her mobile personal fitness-training footprint throughout South Africa with a health and fitness TV channel and wants to start infiltrating the corporate wellness space. This programme will incorporate a unique way to teach business principles through physical exercise challenges. Online personal training is also becoming increasingly popular and Marina is looking into starting her own MobiGym online training platform.

“It is such an unexpected honour to have been chosen as one of the Club 52 Entrepreneurs and it has helped me restore my belief in myself and my business again. As entrepreneurs we sometimes underestimate our worth,” concludes Marina.