Andre Adlem

PEAC Project Resources and Staffing

“My business is built with the sweat of passionate dedication.”

Andre Adlam - 10Andre grew up in a very conservative Afrikaans household in an eastern suburb of Johannesburg. His parents worked for local government and it was predetermined that he would become an engineer no matter his aptitude or inclination. During his school career, he held various leadership roles, although he remembers his uncomfortable conflict with conformity.  Andre recalls: “ There many clashes between me and the people in authority.” 

After gaining admission to study engineering at Stellenbosch University, Andre wasn’t able to complete his degree due to a lack of financial support. In order to provide a stable income, he started selling training materials. His successes lead him to become one of the youngest people to be recruited as a Liberty insurance consultant. Two years later, he was employed by a bank.

But, in 1999, his world came crashing down. He was retrenched and the changing political landscape made it difficult to find work. After waking up in a pool of sweat one morning, realising that his wife and two young daughters could find themselves on the street and without a roof over their heads, he found employment as a temporary contractor. Andre had luckily found his work passion as a contractor in the mineral and mining industry and the possibilities started to open up in front of him. “At that stage, I didn’t know anyone who was self-employed or had a business. Nor did I have any entrepreneurial role models. The need to survive drove me to start my own business.” commented Andre.

Andre founded PEAC Project Resources and Staffing in 2003. His business provides project resources for Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies across Sub-Saharan Africa. Key focus areas are mining and minerals, exploration, power generation, petro chemicals, construction and IT. Banking, logistics and warehousing are in the pipeline. Clients are blue-chip national and multi-national companies. This industry is dynamic and the regulations are constantly changing, “We keep up-to-date regarding the latest financial and labour legislation, ensuring compliance wherever we operate.  Qualifications and reference checks are a priority.”

In addition to professional and technical engineering, project services and civil supervisors and managers, PEAC offers candidates for head office or site-based administrative, finance and HR functions, health and safety, electrical and mechanical artisans, commissioning, maintenance, chefs, nurses, paramedics and security guards.

Although the resources are normally required for the duration of the project or specific portions of the project, PEAC provides specific employee benefits and other structures that enable contractors to maximise their income, manage risk areas and ensure some form of consistency in a cyclical environment. “We strive to source continuous employment opportunities that can be life-changing. To date, we have created nearly 40 such opportunities and we’re hoping to double this figure shortly.”

Andre enrolled at the Branson Centre in 2013. During the Foundation Course, Andre found focused business guidance, mentorship and networking. Being chosen for the Advanced Course reawakened his outlook on life and restored his self-confidence. “The Branson Centre helped cement the belief that I could build a successful business and that I wasn’t alone.”

Since 2013, Andre’s business has accelerated and w

Andre sees Africa emerging as one of the world’s great economies in the future. PEAC is positioning its project resources and staffing services to take advantage of the global skills shortage and skills demand imbalance. In addition to recruitment and the management of human resources and industrial relations, PEAC offers payroll bureau services, as well as project logistics and site-based management services.

His advice to other entrepreneurs is stay true to yourself, live what you believe and constantly try to do the right thing in all matters, every time. Listen before you speak (you have two ears and one mouth for a reason) and grow sustainably. 

“The difference between success and failure is paper thin. When you keep hitting a dead end and reach the point that you can’t go any further that’s exactly when you need to take the next step in belief, faith and trust.”

His family’s adoration, love and respect are an enduring source of motivation.